Mathematics Wiskunde


Categorical Algebra

Research in this area is centered around categorical approach to classical and universal algebra, but it also includes general category theory. One of the aims of the research is the development of conceptual and unifying foundation to various notions, constructions and theorems pertaining to groups, Lie algebras, rings, lattices, Heyting semi-lattices, as well as classes of varieties of universal algebras, and exploring links with other non-algebraic mathematical structures. This is often achieved by the study of semi-abelian categories, locally algebraically cartesian closed categories, as well as other categories defined by so-called exactness properties, such as subtractive and majority categories, together with the study of general methods for these types of categories.

The members of this research group are: Prof Zurab Janelidze, Dr James Gray, Dr Michael Hoefnagel, Dr Francois Koch van Niekerk