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Enumerative and analytic combinatorics

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

The aim of this CIMPA school will be to familiarise graduate students and young researchers with the field of enumerative and analytic combinatorics, and to show its many connections to other areas, especially computer science. The courses range from introductory to more advanced levels. The introductory courses will lay the groundwork by discussing the basic concepts (such as generating functions and q-series) and techniques (various enumeration techniques and analytic methods such as singularity analysis). The more advanced courses will build on these and discuss various more specialised topics, related to random graphs and trees, automata and the analysis of algorithms. These topics are connected in various ways, not only methodologically.

Local Organiser:

Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, email:

External organiser:

Vlady Ravelomanana, Université Paris 7, email address: