Mathematics Wiskunde

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First Year
  • Mathematics 114: Calculus (Convenor: Prof. G. Boxall)
  • Mathematics 144: Calculus and Linear Algebra (Convenor: Dr L. Wessels)
  • Mathematics 176: Introductory Maths for the Biological Sciences (Convenor: Dr. K. Bothma)
  • Mathematics 186: Introductory Mathematics (Convenor: Dr. K. Bothma)
  • Mathematics (Bio) 124: Mathematics for the Biological Sciences (Convenor: Prof. J. Gray)
Second Year
  • Biomathematics 214: Mathematical Applications in Biology and Medicine
  • Mathematics 214: Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra (Convenor: Dr R. Heymann)
  • Mathematics 244: Analysis and Linear Algebra (Convenor: Prof Dr R. Heymann)
  • Mathematics 278: Foundations of Abstract Mathematics I (Convenor: Prof Z. Janelidze)
Third Year
  • Biomathematics 314: Introduction to Biological Modelling I
  • Biomathematics 344: Introduction to Biological Modelling II
  • Biomathematics 374: Project in Biological Modelling
  • Mathematics 314: Algebra (Convenor: Prof L. van Wyk)
  • Mathematics 324: Complex Analysis (Convenor: Prof S. Mouton)
  • Mathematics 344: Discrete Mathematics (Convenor: Dr. D. Basson)
  • Mathematics 345: Logic (Convenor: Prof G. Boxall)
  • Mathematics 365 (Convenor: Prof S. Mouton)
  • Mathematics 378: Foundations of Abstract Mathematics II (Convenor: Prof Z. Janelidze)
  • Financial Mathematics 378: Financial Mathematics (Convenor: Dr N. Ralaivaosaona)

Engineering Mathematics

First Year
  • Engineering Mathematics 115: Introductory Differential and Integral Calculus (Convenor: Dr N. Ralaivaosaona)
  • Engineering Mathematics 145: Further Differential and Integral Calculus (Convenor: Dr. F. van Niekerk)
Second Year
  • Engineering Mathematics 214: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Convenor: Dr M. Hoefnagel)
  • Engineering Mathematics 242: Series, Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Transforms (Convenor: Dr RJ. Gray)
  • Engineering Mathematics 814: Linear Algebra (Dr L. Baker)