Mathematics Wiskunde




The ALGANT Consortium consists of nine international partner universities including Stellenbosch University. The ALGANT partners jointly offer an international high quality two-year master program in mathematics specializing in algebra, number theory and geometry. ALGANT mobility requires students to spend a master year each at two of the ALGANT partners not located in the same country. Students combine credits from these two partners into a single personalized study program. Application to the ALGANT program is open to all individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, with a curriculum that has sufficient emphasis on the focus area of the program. Every academic year, the consortium organises a single application round, using the consortium’s Emundus system, in which prospective students can apply online. Admissibility of applicants is determined during a consortium selection meeting. Upon successful completion of the program, every student receives an ALGANT diploma and a double degree, i.e., a master degree from each of the two partner universities (s)he attended. These are awarded during a graduation ceremony that takes place at the end of every academic year at one of the ALGANT partner universities. The members of the consortium are part of the national university system of their respective countries; as a consequence their activity meets the national academic standards, and is evaluated on a regular basis by external certified bodies. The consortium ensures that each student program effectively combines the curricular activities offered by the partners by providing guidelines for the composition of an individual ALGANT study program.