Mathematics Wiskunde

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The Stellenbosch University Mathematics Society (SUMS) has the main function of organising an undergraduate mathematics seminar. These talks occur weekly and feature interesting and accessible mathematics topics not covered in the undergraduate syllabus. Everyone is welcome to attend, and event updates will be posted here and on SUMS social media: visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Upcoming talks

  • 3 May - Voting Systems and Ballot Numbers - Dylan Nelson.
  • 10 May - Mathematical Games - Dr Dirk Basson.
  • 15 May - TBA - Brandon Laing.

Previous talks

  • 24 April - The Mathematics of Knots - Dr Bruce Bartlett.


If you would like to give a talk on any mathematical topic at the Stellenbosch University Mathematics Society, or have any general enquiries please contact Sarah Selkirk (