Mathematics Wiskunde

Saturday 1 October 2022

Cross-mobility programme between South Africa and France


The cross mobility programme was initiated by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs following a suggestion by Professor Achille Mbembé to the French President during the Africa France Summit which took place in Montpellier in October 2021, in order to enhance the mobility and the exchanges between the African continent and France. The experiment conducted in 2022 includes exchange of students between France and South Africa.

From September to December of 2022, five students from Stellenbosch University will be travelling to Bordeaux to study mathematics.

Emma Theart Pure mathematics MSc (Supervisor Dr. Hoefnagel) Categorical Algebra, Extensive Categories
Roy Ferguson Pure mathematics MSc (Supervisor Prof. Janelidze) Category Theory, Monoidal Categories.
Daniella Moore Pure mathematics MSc (Supervisor Prof. Howell, Prof. Janelidze, Dr. Marques) Near-rings, Near-vectorspaces Category theory.
Paul Hugo Pure mathematics MSc(Prof. Janelidze) Mathematical foundations, mathematical structures.
David Smith Pure mathematics MSc (Supervisors Prof. Boxall, Dr. Marques) Model theory, Algebraic Geometry.