Mathematics Wiskunde

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Discrete Morrey spaces (Morrey sequence spaces)

Speaker: Dr Eder Kikianty
Time: 11:00
Venue: Room 1006, Mathematical Sciences/Industrial Psychology

The discrete Morrey spaces (on the set of integers \(\mathbb{Z}\) are introduced in a 2018 paper by Gunawan, Kikianty, and Schwanke. Since then, an extension to \(\mathbb{Z}^n\) is considered by Gunawan and Schwanke in a 2019 paper. Haroske and Skrzypczak (paper in press) also considered such an extension, with a different definition, and a different name – Morrey sequence space. In this talk, I will discuss these recent results on discrete Morrey spaces and their connections. I will also discuss some results on geometrical constants of the discrete Morrey spaces.