I enjoy teaching. I am interested in all the various teaching methods, from “chalk and talk” to using technology. Here are some videos of me explaining a limit problem from James Stewart’s Calculus, or the memo for a tutorial test. Here is a sample exam I set for Multivariable Calculus.

I try to keep classes interesting by adding bits and bobs of enrichment. For instance, illustrating the difference betweeen rational and irrational numbers by going over Pyhtagoras’ original proof of the irrationality of (\sqrt2), or by learning about the difference between equal temperament and Pythagorean tuning in music. Or, learning about conic sections using Mathematica demonstrations.

Students studying math also need some inspiration. For instance, a speech by Jim Simons, or by Tim Gowers. Or that being a mathematician was rated the best job in America in 2009!

List of courses taught


  • Sabbatical (1st semester)
  • Financial Mathematics 378
  • Honours Course: Lie Algebras. Follow-on to last year’s course on Lie Groups and Lie Algebras. Course notes



  • Linear Algebra 2nd year (whole year)
  • Complex Analysis 3rd year
  • Differential Geometry (Honours Course)


  • Engineering Mathematics 2nd year
  • Linear Algebra 1st year, second semester
  • Mathematics Bio

2016 (at Hilary, Oxford)

  • Multivariable calculus tutorials, Merton College
  • Differential equations II tutorial, Merton College


  • Introduction to De Rham Cohomology (Graduate Course)


  • First year Mathematics for Biology Students (W124)
  • Second year Multivariable Calculus (W244)
  • Introduction to De Rham Cohomology (Graduate Course)


  • First year Engineering Mathematics (IW115)
  • Second year Multivariable Calculus (W244)
  • Fourth year Real and Complex Analysis 713
  • Introduction to De Rham Cohomology (Graduate Course)


  • First year Engineering Mathematics (IW115 and 145)


  • First year Engineering Mathematics (IW115 and 145)

AIMS courses

Courses given at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences:

  • 2017 – Introduction to Knot Theory at AIMS Ghana
  • 2012 – Representations of finite groups (with Arnold Keet) at AIMS South Africa