Taking inspiration from the various stages of my own path in the Mathematical world, I strive to support my students to overcome their fear for mathematics by a nurturing perspective to my teaching with an effective balance between caring and challenging. In the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Stellenbosch, I have taught the following courses

  • First year courses: Calculus; Discrete and Foundational Mathematics
  • Second year course: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra; Foundations of Abstract Mathematics
  • Third year courses: Logic; Topology, Metric Spaces
  • Honours courses on Logic; Set Theory; Topology

In the Faculty of Science, I have introduced Strategic Teaching and Learning Interventions, including

  • Science Teaching and Learning Hub
  • Differentiated Tutorial Support Programme
  • Science Learning Facilitation Short Courses
  • Science in Context Module
  • Mathematics Hybrid Learning Units
  • Programme Rethinking in Science