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The most striking aspect of his mathematical practice is his extraordinary skill at calculations. In fact, he tried to solve mathematical problems to a large extent by means of a calculative, algebraic approach.

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Scientific publications

Alois Panholzer's Thesis "Untersuchungen zur durchschnittlichen Gestalt gewisser Baumfamilien (Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Anwendungen in der Informatik)" [compressed postscript, 578 K]

Where do I belong?

I am a professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Stellenbosch University.

Research interests

Some People

Here are pointers to some of my national and international friends. Also to such people who might not even know me, but whom I find/found quite influential.

Editorial Duties

I am a member of the editorial board of the following journals:

Some links

My electronic diary. Helmut Prodinger's african adventures, narrated by himself.

Old stuff

Sheila and Tony

Pictures of Pocahontas

Comedian Harmonists

Knuth's first analysis of an algorithm (see the Analysis of Algorithms Homepage), texset by me; Tex, Dvi, Postscript. (These files can also be found on the Analysis of Algorithms Homepage.)

Arno Schmidt

Some books


Travelling ...

Teaching in South Africa

Relations of my work to the Art of Computer Programming

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Private Corner

Helmut Prodinger
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