Florian Breuer

Professor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle, Australia
Extraordinary Professor, Stellenbosch University


    School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    University of Newcastle
    Tel: +61 40339609
    email: florian.breuer (at) newcastle.edu.au

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As of April 2018 I'm at the University of Newcastle in Australia.
Click here for my Newcastle webpage.

Editorial duties:

A biennial conference series in Arithmetic Geometry has been held in Stellenbosch since 1997.
The next instalment takes place 14-18 January 2018. Click here for more information.
See below for some of the recent conferences in this series:
2015 (held at AIMS)



I work in Number Theory. More specifically, my main interst lies in Arithmetic Geometry, where I work on Elliptic curves, Drinfeld modules, Drinfeld modular forms and related topics. I also sometimes work on more elementary things, such as Ducci sequences.


Note: for copyright reasons, some of the following PDF files are not the final, published versions.
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