Seminar on Tate's Thesis (January-June 2015)

(17 February) Dirk Basson. Introduction and overview

(24 February) Gareth Boxall. Topological groups

(3 March) Andry Rabenantoandro. Representation theory of finite groups

(17 March) Andry Rabenantoandro. Topological representations

(24 March) Liam Baker. The Pontryagin dual of an abelian topological group

(31 March) Dirk Basson. The Fourier inversion formula

(14 April) Florian Breuer. Local fields

(21 April) Florian Breuer. Global fields

(28 April) Dirk Basson. Local zeta-functions

Further topics: Local zeta function, Adelic zeta function, Putting things together.