Department van Wiskundige Wetenskappe



Talks of 2010

  • 21 July, Fourier analysis in digital image processing by Willie Brink (slides). How to separate the important details of an image from the not-so-important details. With lots of demonstrations!
  • 11 August, Uncertainty by Konrad Sheffler. Subtitle: Konrad Scheffler will give a talk entitled either “How to reason”, “What is Science”, “Bayes for Beginners”, or “Statistics is a Type 3 error”, but he doesn’t know which!
  • 28 July, How to quickly and nonchalantly get from A to B by Bruce Bartlett. The brachistochrone and tautochrone problems and how they shaped calculus.
  • 18 August,   Mathematics in Photography I by Florian Breuer. What the aperture, focal length and f-stop jargon actually means, with simple diagrams to explain it!
  • 25 August, Image processing (Mathematics in Photography II) by Stéfan van der Walt (slides). The mathematics behind the pretty pictures. CCD’s, masks, lens distortion, panaromas, super-resolution imaging and more.
  • 1 September, The Towers of Hanoi by Stephan Wagner (slides). The best way to transfer hoops from one tower to another. Will the priests accomplish their task before the world ends?
  • 15 September, Counting proofs by Peter Ouwehand (slides). An introduction to counting in set theory… and how these ideas help us prove important results like Godel’s theorem. The proof that 1+1=2!
  • 22 September, 8 by John Baez (video from the series My favourite numbers). Discover why John Baez loves the number 8… how it features in the “octonions”, a generalization of the complex numebrs, and how it enters into superstring theory!
  • 29 September, e and pi are irrational by Bruce Bartlett. Elementary proofs of the facts that the square root of 2, e and pi are irrational. (Notes for talk).
  • 6 October, Die Wiskunde agter Baltrajekte in Golf en Tennis deur Karl Rohwer. Come and find out why top-spin, side-spin and backspin have the effect they do!
  • 13 October, Dirk Laurie.