Department van Wiskundige Wetenskappe


Mathematics of Computer Science

Applications of mathematical methods in computing science is a very active and broad interdisciplinary research field where both mathematical and computer science competences are needed in an essential way. Research of this nature undertaken by Prof Ingrid Rewitzky includes lattice theory, topology and category theory and their application in computing science. In particular, on the mathematical side duality techniques are investigated with the aim of contributing to a formal explanation of the interaction between logics and lattice structures. On the application side, duality techniques are applied in the unification of various independently developed theories of program and information systems with the aim of providing a general framework for comparing and extending such theories.

Prof Rewitzky’s current research interests, investigated together with her graduate students and collaborators (in Poland, The Netherlands, Oxford), include:

  • Discrete dualities for lattice structures with operators
  • The application of binary multirelations for reasoning about two kinds of nondeterminism
  • Representation theory for program calculi.