Department of Mathematical Sciences




Review the basic concepts in algebra and analytical geometry.

Domain and range;  graphs and transformations of functions;  combining functions;  modeling;  one-to-one functions and their inverses.

The elementary functions:
Polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric  functions.

Analytic Trigonometry:
Trigonometry identities;  addition, subtraction, double-angle, half-angle, and product-sum formulas;  inverse trigonometric functions;  solving trigonometric equations.

Limits:  a preview of calculus.

Module Information

  • 21529 176 (28) Mathematics 176
  • Year 1 of the programme: BSc (Alternative Access) + BIng (Alternative Access)
  • Lecture load: 6 hours per week (4 lectures + 1 tutorial)
  • Language specification : T


Learning Material

Prescribed textbook: Stewart, Redlin, Watson – “Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus”, 5th Edition.


Understanding of mathematical concepts and aquisition of technical skills to be prepared for calculus.
Stimulation of critical thinking.


  • Tutorial tests written at the end of tutorial sessions.
  • Short tests, spot tests and quizzes.
  • Term test and semester test.
  • Examination are written at the end of the year.
  • Students require a class mark of at least 40% to be allowed to write the examination.
  • The class mark is composed as follows: average of tutorial tests 20%, short tests, spot tests and quizzes 20%, term test and semester test 60%.
  • The final mark for the subject if calculated as: class mark 40%, exam mark 60%.
  • A final mark of 50% is required to pass if certain criteria is met.

General Information

  • Attendance of classes and tutorials is compulsory.
  • The use of pocket and graphical calculators is forbidden in this course.
  • Compliance with the code of conduct.