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Linear Algebra 

Linear algebra is a basic mathematical discipline with numerous applications.  It is already studied at an introductory level in undergraduate courses.  In this module, it is examined in more depth:

Vector spaces, subspaces, bases, eigenvalues (repetition), application to the solution of systems of ordinary differential equations, linear recurrence relations, binary codes, linear transformations, vectors and geometry.

Module Information

  • 43583 812 Engineering Mathematics (Block module) 812
  • This module is part of the course for a M.Ing or MSc (Ing) degree.
  • Lecture load: 2 lectures per week.
  • Prerequisites: A course in Engineering Mathematics on second-year level.


Learning Material

Textbook:  David Poole, Linear Algebra. A modern introduction, 3rd or 2nd edition.  Only specific sections will be covered.

Learning Opportunities

  • About every second week tutorial exercises are provided.


  • A final mark of at least 50 is required to pass the module.
  • The final mark is determined by a mid-semester test (40%), and the final examination (60%). 


The module is offered within the Master Program for Engineering. The module supports the Program outcome that graduates will be able to use their knowledge of mathematics to solve Engineering problems.