Department of Mathematical Sciences


Algebra and Number Theory

Algebraic Number Theory & Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Prof BW Green, Prof F Breuer, Dr A Keet, Ms L Wessels, Dr G Boxall

Prof L van Wyk, Dr A Fransman, Dr C Naude, Dr K-T Howell

Categorical Algebra
Dr Z Janelidze

Analysis and Topology

Functional Analysis
Dr S Mouton

Dr F Nyabadza, Prof J Hargrove (also director of SACEMA).

Quantum topology
Dr B Bartlett

Discrete Mathematics

Analysis of Algorithms
Prof H Prodinger

Foundations of Mathematics

Category Theory and Duality
Dr B Bartlett, Dr Z Janelidze, Prof I Rewitzky

Model Theory
Dr G Boxall


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