Department of Mathematical Sciences



Wiskus is an informal mathematics society which meets every Wednesday evening at 19h00 in room 3021 in the Mathematics Building (van der Sterr).

A typical evening consists of a lecture about some recreational mathematics topic by a Wiskus member, followed by lively discussions and light snacks in the staff room.

Organiser: Prof Breuer


2010 Archive

Olympiad Training

An annual maths camp is held for a week in December. About 50 learners are invited from all over the country to attend this camp, where they receive training on Olympiad mathematics. This camp is part of a whole series of camps organised by the South African Mathematics Foundation, whose aim is to select the teams representing SA at the International Mathematical Olympiad and the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad, and to prepare the learners for these international competitions.

Organiser: Prof Wagner

The Interprovincial Mathematics Olympiad (IPMO) is held every year in September. It is comparable to the Currie Cup, with provincial teams competing.

Organiser: Prof Wagner