Department of Mathematical Sciences


Stellenbosch Summer School in Number Theory

23 – 27 January 2012

Spend a week at Stellenbosch University and learn about the exciting field of Number Theory!

The summer school was a great success, thanks to everybody who participated!


There were two main courses:

  • Elementary Number Theory
  • Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory

In addition, we had a number of lectures on more advanced topics: Cryptography, Diophantine Equations, Cardinal Arithmetic, Elliptic Curves, the Riemann Zeta-Function and Riemann Hypothesis, Ducci Sequences, and the analogy between number fields and function fields.

Click here to download the programme.

Lecture Notes:

Combinatorial Number Theory (Stephan Wagner) – this PDF is best viewed in full screen mode, one page displayed at a time.

Elliptic Curves (Florian Breuer)

The Magic Mirror (Florian Breuer)


Travel and Accommodation

Participants arrived in Stellenbosch on Sunday 22 January, and stayed in Metanoia Hostel on campus until Friday 27 January. Accommodation and meals were provided. Participants made their own travel arrangements to and from Stellenbosch. Luckily we had enough funds to sponsor all travel expenses.

For more information, contact Lesley Wessels, or phone her at 021 808 3852.

Click here to download a pdf version of the Poster (1.4MB).


Click on the photos for larger versions. The group photo below is available at maximal resolution. If you want a full size version of any of the other pictures, please email Florian at fbreuer (at)