Talks at Category Theory Meetings

International Category Theory Conference Series

2015 (Aveiro, Portugal): On a symmetric proof of the non-abelian snake lemma (Z. Janelidze).

2014 (Cambridge, UK): Subobject chasing revisited (Z. Janelidze).

2013 (Sydney, Australia): Bifibrational duality for groups and in general categories (Z. Janelidze); On Grothendieck bifibrations arising from classes of monomorphisms (T. Weighill).

2012 (Workshop on Category Theory in honor of George Janelidze, on the occasion of his 60′s birthday, Coimbra, Portugal): Closed morphisms via neighborhood operators (A. Razafindrakoto); Formal duality in semi-abelian categories (Z. Janelidze).

2009 (Cape Town): Pivotal structures on fusion categories (B. Bartlett).

2008 (International Conference in Category Theory dedicated to the memory of Max Kelly, Cape Town and Stellenbosch, South Africa): A survey of connectedness and disconnectedness for morphisms in a category (D. Holgate).

2004 (British Columbia, Canada): Factorisation systems and (dis)connectedness (D. Holgate).

1999 (Coimbra, Portugal): On the non-compactness of real compact spaces (D. Holgate).

International Workshops on Categorical Algebra and on Categorical Topology

2015 (Gargnano, Italy): Normalizers, centralizers and action accessibility (J. Gray); On the theory of radical theories (Z. Janelidze).

2014 (Coimbra, Portugal): A characterisation of R1-spaces via approximate Mal’tsev operations (T. Weighill).

2013 (Coimbra, Portugal): Towards a systematic study of methods for generalizing results from the context of varieties of universal algebra to the context of abstract categories (Z. Janelidze).

2012 (Gargnano, Italy): Fibred algebraic theories (Z. Janelidze).

2010 (Azores, Portugal): Closure, interior and neighbourhood in a category (D. Holgate).

2009 (Stellenbosch, South Africa): The pointed subobject functor and subtractive spans (Z. Janelidze).

2007 (Haute Bordeux, Belgium): A survey of connectedness and disconnectedness for morphisms in a category (D. Holgate).

2000 (Bremen, Germany): Absolutely closed objects in a category (D. Holgate).

Séminaire Itinérant de Catégories

2013 May (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium): Homological Algebra via Bifibrations (Z. Janelidze)

2010 June (Amiens, France): Algebraic aspects of categories with finite colimits (Z. Janelidze).

2010 November (Calais, France): The architecture of ideal determined categories (Z. Janelidze).

Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic

2014 (Palermo, Italy): Normal categories and duality (Z. Janelidze)

2009 (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium): D. Bourn’s homological lemmas in normal categories (Z. Janelidze).

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