to the website of Category Theory at Stellenbosch University. Partially updated on 11 February 2016.


2016: Two postdoctoral positions available at Stellenbosch University for research in category theory (flyer)

2015: The Centre for Mathematical Structures at Stellenbosch University hosted a workshop on categories in algebra and topology (website)

2015: Zurab Janelidze became an editor of Cahiers de Topologie et Géométrie Différentielle Catégoriques

2014: In the December graduation ceremony, Thomas Weighill received the Chancellor’s Medal and the S2A3 Medal for his MSc research in category theory

2014: On November 26, Stellenbosch University hosted a day of the international meeting “Brümmer 80 Seminar”, celebrating the 80th birthday of Guillaume Brümmer, and held at the University of Cape Town on November 25 and 27.

2014: Bruce Bartlett is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University

2013: Zurab Janelidze was one of the invited speakers at Category Theory 2013 held in Sydney, Australia

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