2nd Workshop on Mathematical Structures

The aim of this series of workshops, organized by the Centre for Mathematical Structures of Stellenbosch University, is to exhibit the role of different types of mathematical structures across various fields in mathematics, computer science, physics, biology and other disciplines.

The second workshop from the series is hosted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Stellenbosch University. Its theme is:

categories in algebra and topology

The workshop is based on a series of lectures by Professor Dominique Bourn on protomodular and Mal’tsev categories.

Scientific Committee

James Gray
Zurab Janelidze
Ingrid Rewitzky

Organizing Committee

Constanse Du Toit
James Gray
Zurab Janelidze
Klara Van Zyl

Invited Speakers

Dominique Bourn (UniversitĂ© du Littoral CĂ´te d’Opale, France)
Bernhard Banaschewski (McMaster University, Canada)
Themba Dube (University of South Africa)
Amartya Goswami (University of Limpopo, South Africa)
George Janelidze (University of Cape Town)
Graham Manuell (University of Cape Town)
Ando Desire Razafindrakoto (University of Western Cape)
Juana Sanchez-Ortega (University of Cape Town)

Other Participants

University of Cape Town

Ulrich Yae Gaba
Tamar Janelidze-Gray
Yusuf Johnson
Guy Paterson
Rowan Poklewski-Koziell
Peter Faul
Jason Fourie

Stellenbosch University

Mark Chimes
Michael Hoefnagel
Zurab Janelidze
James Gray
Julia Rozanova
Vaino Schaumbwa (and University of Namibia, Namibia)
Francois Van Niekerk

University of South Africa

Collins Agyingi
Oghenetega Ighedo
Partha Pratim Ghosh
Templeton Ncongwane
Jissy Nsayi Nsonde
Batsile Tlharesakgosi

University of Western Cape

Fikreyohans Solomon Assfaw
Minani Miragi

Program | Announcement

The workshop was sponsored by a National Research Foundation Grant of Zurab Janelidze and a Stellenbosch University grant of James Gray