Cape Town Research Group in Topology and Category Theory

Name Research Speciality e-mail
Prof Guillaume Brümmer Categorical Topology; Category Theory; Asymmetric Topology and Uniformity
Dr John Frith Frame Theory; Topos Theory; Categorical topology; Mathematics Education
Prof Christopher Gilmour Point Free Topology and Sigma-frames; Categorical Topology
Prof Keith Hardie Homotopy Theory; Algebraic Topology; Digital Topology; Categorical Topology
Prof David Holgate Category Theory, Categorical Closure Operators, Categorical Topology
Prof Hans-Peter Künzi Topology, Orders, Categories, Combinatorics
Dr Nizaar Marcus Frame Theory and Categorical Topology
Dr Anneliese Schauerte Frame and Bi-Frame Theory; Categorical Topology; Uniform and Quasi-Uniform Structures
Current Students Thesis Topic & Supervisor e-mail
Elisabeth Kemajou PhD (Prof H.-P. Künzi)  
Charly Makitu PhD (Prof H.-P. Künzi)
Jacques Masuret MSc (Prof D. Holgate)
Zechariah Mushaandja PhD (Prof H.-P. Künzi)
Ando Razafindrakoto MSc (Prof H.-P. Künzi & Prof D. Holgate)
Henry van Coller MSc (Prof D. Holgate)
T. Yang PhD (Prof C.R.A. Gilmour & Dr J. Frith)
Associate Members Research Speciality e-mail
 Dr Partha Pratim Ghosh (University of Kwazulu-Natal) Rings of continuous functions