Graduate Students:


1. H. Knaf, Universit¨at Heidelberg, January 1997.

Doctoral Dissertation: Divisoren auf Kurven ¨uber Bewertungsringen.

2. PhD: E. L¨otter, University of Stellenbosch March 2007.

Doctoral Dissertation: On towers of function fields over function fields.


1. S. Joyner, University of Stellenbosch, November 2000

Dissertation: On non-archimedian dynamical systems.

2. J.P. Harper, University of Stellenbosch, November 2003.

Dissertation: The class number one problem in function fields.

3. E.C. L¨otter, University of Stellenbosch, November 2003.

Dissertation: Explicit constructions of asymptotically good towers of function fields.

4. M. Kriel, University of Stellenbosch, April 2005.

Dissertation: Endomorphism rings of hyperelliptic Jacobians.

5. L.H. Brewis, University of Stellenbosch, December 2005.

Dissertation: Automorphisms of curves and the lifting conjecture.

6. K. Guenda, University of Stellenbosch, December 2006.

Dissertation: On algebraic geometric codes and some related codes.

7. I. Benzaoui, University of Stellenbosch, December 2007.

Dissertation: Studies on factoring polynomials over global fields.

Current Students:


D. Basson.


M. Kriel.

AIMS Essays supervised:

1. I. Benzaoui: On Elliptic Curves and Factorization, May 2004.

2. K. Guenda: On Algebraic Geometric Codes, May 2005.

3. S. Nartey: Automatic Geometric Theorem Proving, May 2007.

4. L. Olatayo: Automatic Geometric Theorem Proving: An Application of Groebner Bases, May 2007.

5. N. Ranariboana: Multichannel Sampling with unknown offsets using Groebner Bases,May 2007.