Research interests

My research interests are in the fields of algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. I am also interested in the application of the above topics in experimental number theory, computational algebraic geometry and algebraic coding theory.

Current Research projects

  • On the arithmetic and geometry of curves and applications.

  • On the theory of constant reductions

Membership of International Research Groups

Over the past ten years I have been a member of the following research groups:

  1. Oberwolfach RiP (Research in Pairs) Fellowship. For three months collaboration with M. Matignon and F. Pop at the Oberwolfach Mathematical Research Institute on project ii) between 1995 and 1997.

  2. DFG Research Project: Arithmetic of fields and fundamental groups of curves. Jointly with Roquette and Pop. Three months research support for work on projects i) and ii) during 1997–1998.

  3. South African leader of the Volkswagen-Foundation Partnership Project between the Universities of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, Cape Town and the Institut für Experimentelle Mathematik, Universität GH Essen. 1997–2001.

  • German Leader: Professor Gerhard Frey.
  • South African Leader: Barry Green.
  • Project Theme: Arithmetic Geometry and Data Security.
  1. European Project: Galois Theory and Explicit Methods in Arithmetic, 2001–2004.

Included as one of the members of the Essen team coordinated by Professor Gerhard Frey. This cooperation with the group of Prof. Frey has been formalized by an Agreement of Cooperation between the Universities of Essen and Stellenbosch.