Workshop in Abstract Mathematics

18 September 2010

Organized by the Seminar in Abstract Mathematics

Mathematics Division, Dep. of Math. Sciences, Van Der Sterr Building, Stellenbosch University


Morning Session Venue: 3021 (Mathematics building)

9:00 Opening by Professor Ingrid Rewitzky

9:20 Dr Gareth Boxall - Logic: Abstraction in Model Theory

10:00 Dr Karin Howell - Algebra: Maximal Endomorphism Semirings - an introduction

10:20 Student talk (MSc) Alex Samuel Bamunoba - Number Theory: Cyclotomic Polynomials over Q

10:50 Break

11:00 Student talk (MSc) Friday Michael - Category Theory: Generalized diagram lemmas

11:40 Student talk (BSc) Elbert De Kock - Algebra (categorical): Approximate unitary magmas

12:20 Dr Bruce Bartlett - Physics (categorical): How category theory helps us understand quantum mechanics

13:00 Lunch in the Blueroom (Neelsie)

Afternoon Session Venue: 3021 (Mathematics building)

14:00 Student talk (PhD) Ando Razafindrakoto - Topology (categorical): An approach to convergence in categories

14:40 Dr Tamar Janelidze - Category Theory: Calculus of E-relations in relative regular categories

15:20 Dr Magdaleen Marais - Algebra: The number of matrices in the centralizer of a 2x2 matrix over a finite factorring of a UFD

16:00 Break

16:10 Student talk (PhD) Thomas Masiwa - Algebra: On products of groups in which permutability and S-permutability are transitive relations on the set of all subgroups

16:50 Dr Andrew Fransman - Algebra: Products of groups in which normality is a transitive relation

17:30 Student talk (MSc) Dirk Basson - Number Theory: Finite Order Automorphisms of Power Series Rings over a Discrete Valuation Ring