Seminar in Abstract Mathematics Project (in progress since 2010)

Book I: The mathematical language

Book II: Illustrating Abstraction: Partitions and Correspondences

Book III: Introduction to Set Theory

Book IV: Operating with Sets

Book V: Working with Functions

Movies in the recommended order of viewing (only available in the offline version):

Van Tonder Part I: Precision of the mathematical language, and use of variables

Chipfakacha Part I: Truth tables for 'and', 'or' and 'not'

Chipfakacha Part II: Expressions involving 'and' and 'or'

Van Tonder Part II: Quantifiers

Authors of the project

Dr K T Howell
Dr Z Janelidze
Professor I M Rewitzky

Supported by

FINLO Grant, Stellenbosch University

Student members of the seminar group

Mr M Bailey
Ms J Chipfakacha
Mr J Engelbrecht
Ms C van Heerden
Mr C Immelman
Ms N Mekanarishvili
Mr D A Popov
Mr R M P Prenter
Mr T J van Rooyen
Ms V van Tonder
Mr H L Uys